We lead our customer’s business to success by researching new technologies with the spirit of Challenge & Creation

As the world is
rapid changes

analyzing data to extract more meaningful insights is
becoming extremely crucial to all companies.

The paradigm of the IT industry has changed as the focus shifted from hardware infrastructure to solutions and services, and the growth of the new technology market with various IT technologies including Big Data, Cloud, and IoT are converged is accelerating.

Company Name Bmtech System Co., Ltd. CEO Bong-Gu Kim
Business Fields Wholesale of computers, Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software
System Software Development and Supply
Academic & Research Service
Computer & Network Equipment Maintenance
Main Production API Management System Winnect Development Supply and Customizing
SAP Module Development
Application Development related to AIRBUS AGNET PTT
Software advisory & Consulting/Development supply
Engineering Development supply
System Development and Maintenance
ICT Infrastructure Construction & Maintenance
Anti-Drone System Construction for Major Security facilities
Company History Selection of Outstanding Partners for 20220 KDN
Partnership with Thales
Partnership with HPE
Award Grand prize in 2021 Korea Enterprise of Micro-Service Innovation for the 2nd consecutive year
Acquired high-tech, product confirmation certificate
Acquired ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System certification
Received an award of SME association chairman's citation at the 2021 Seoul SME competition
Acquired technology innovative SME (Inno-Biz) certification
Acquired GS Lv.1 Certification
Received the Service Innovation Grand Prize in the microservice sector at the 2020 Korea Enterprise Awards
Acquired German SAP (ERP solution) gold partner
Signed MOU with Kumoh National Institute of Technology as family company
Acquired venture business certification(Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
Partnership with AGNET
Partnership with REDHAT
Established corporate research institute

BMtech System always puts customer values first.


We provide smarter and reliable services with the latest IT technology and future-oriented solutions.


We suggest industry-specific solutions in advanced IT environments and enable them to perform efficiently using IT resources.


We provide our clients with the most optimal operating environments and research new technologies in order to propel our client's business to success.

We offer the optimal operational environments to derive our clients' successful business by researching such new technologies with continuous challenge and creativity.

BMtech System contributes to the growth of our clients' businesses by providing the best solutions. Tetra Wing Series, the latest technology, was designed to suggest methods and visions for accelerating business growth. BMtech System will reach out globally to lead a new path with the best technologies and services.

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