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Information Strategy Planning / Information Strategy Master Plan

ISP, ISMP Consulting

Along with applying proven methologies, tools, and the best practices, BMtech Consulting ensures the most successful implementation.

While adhering to our BMtech methodology, BMtech Consulting tailors its solutions and project approach to fit the needs of our clients. By leveraging our real-world experience, BMtech Consulting plays an integral role in each of the project phases i.e. Analysis, Design, Build/Test and Rollout.
Currently, domestic institutions and corporations have failed to derive desired project performances in their information projects due to difficulties in planning their business goal strategies and specifying the process definition or requirements thoroughly

Necessity of Consulting Information Strategy

The need to secure rightfulness and increased transparency for the selection of apt business partners for Information System Projectsb

01 Lack of effective linkage between strategic directional guidance and information Existing ISPs are carried out in accordance with internal practices and faulty motivations rather than their link to management strategies. ISP execution by management consulting companies with strong PI, BPR performances is needed. In particular, BMtech's ISP provides medium to long-term strategic directions for each institution and company through various management references such as diagnosis, education, and research. This allows discussion on how to change the IT system for business improvement following the directional guidance provided.
02 Difficulties in accurate estimation of project cost and large deviation from it Information Project costs are difficult to estimate accurately. There is a large deviation from the forecasted scope and cost during the planning phase by the time the project is ready to be promoted
03 Lack of detailed post-ISP plans Future projects are difficult to lead solely based on ISP outputs. Clear and explicit requirements are required for advanced planning stages overseas.
04 Lack of explicit work requirement definitions regarding project in progress ISPs need to continue defining official explicit work requirements as their outputs are solely based on visions and goals
05 Deteriorated quality due to frequent changes in information Proposal requests which were neither clear nor explicit in stating the business goals lead to reduced output quality of the project due to changes in progress

Information Strategy Planning

Explaining the establishment of ISP

Information Systems Master Plan (ISMP)

Existing ISPs construct Information Strategy Plans from a medium to long-term perspective while ISMPs define the implementation scope and detailed requirements for the implementation of individualized information plans. ISMP proposes appropriate implementation plans befitting detailed requirements about medium to long-term ISP.

Sortation ISP (Information Strategy Planning) ISMP(Information System Master Plan)
Motive & Scope · Derive new information investment plans and improved items, from the medium to long term perspective, which links the management strategies and information strategies together and hence presents a futuristic big picture regarding the information of the organization
· Establish strategic plans for enterprise-wide information services (Promote for construction of medium to long term plans)
· Specify the functional/technical requirements, as well as provide suitable solutions and optimal decisions for information sub-projects.
· An individual unit project or a set of these unit projects (promoted the production of RFP at the time of construction)
Main procedures · Management environment analysis, internal environment analysis, information vision and goal establishment, investment planning and budget planning, information strategy development, information structure design · Establishment of construction scope and direction, required technology details, implementation plans, budget allocation, company selection criteria, evaluation support, investment and budget plans
· Define functional and technical requirements
Anticipated Outcome · Advanced setting of targets regarding the organization’s external environment
· Prediction of investments which lead to trailing
· Management environment analysis and information technology trend analysis report
· Business/Information System Analysis Report
· Informatized organization vision and strategies
· Information implementation task
· Medium to long term information promotion plan
· Reduced analysis and construction cost via detailed system implementation criteria
· Transparency for fair evaluation ensured
· Detailed terms and conditions protocol
· RFP (Request for proposal
· Enterprise-selected evaluation elements support
· Information implementation budget schedule management template

Application of Information Strategy Plan

The BMtech methodology is applied, according to the desired direction and constraints of the project execution team, for successful implementation of the information project Upon consideration of the current association to existing companies, the most optimized integrated solution is applied.

ISP methodology

Expectation effectiveness

Setting up clear RFP preparation criteria for information business achieved

Goal Accomplishment in the information business

BMtech Consulting.Maximize business performance by meeting the criteria for each task.

Criteria to evaluate the technical aspects of the construction business & Proposal on how to choose service provider laid out Defining detailed requirements which can be utilized in analytical designing Setting up selection criteria to secure product quality

01 Project aim and the technical specifics regarding request The processing procedure, method, input and output data are described to the extent that a functional score can be derived. The requirements are thoroughly classified into performance quality, interface, data, system requirements, constraints, and project support requirements.
02 Presentation of the prerequisites for project output validation By explaining the procedures and methods for verification before acceptance, a configuration is set up such that future requirements are satisfied. This ensures that requirements are managed uninterruptedly and systematically by specifying the cross-manageable requirements
03 The communication management between the service provider (agency) and client The service provider configures a system which satisfies the needs of business clients without error, as well as help clients better understand the management process
04 Securing fairness and transparency in the selection of events Fairness and transparency are maintained by linking the service provider’s business objectives and the importance of the derived requirements when making a guide that aids the selection of a service provider.
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