Virtual Storage Platform Family

Hitachi Storage Visualization Operating System(SVOS), a recent software storage solution, not only maximizes the flash performance with improved flash algorithms but also provides an agile infrastructure operation applying AI-based automation management tools.

VSP Family Array is the industry-leading high ability and performance-based Hitachi Vantara's Enterprise Storage Solution with the latest version of SVOS.

Provides customers with the appropriate functionality and requirements meeting the needs of clients based on 20 years of technical experience and over 3000 Intellectual Properties.

Provides customers with a stable and agile Cloud Environment with Plug-in for data management automation in various cloud environments such as Vmware, Openstack, or Container.

Optimizes the Cloud sharing infrastructure environment by automation and IT analysis based on AI and machine learning.


New Opportunities with AI-Based Innovation

Agile Data Infrastructure

Provides the improved agile infrastructure and better experiences

AI Operations

Operates infrastructure management process applied with AI and machine learning

Trendy Data Protection

Protects business with the automation of integrated data protection


PureStorage - FLASHARRAY//X

Pure Storage® FlashArray™//X, the world’s first 100% all-flash end-to-end NVMe and NVMe-oF array. FlashArray//X supports a modern data experience and delivers major breakthroughs in speed, simplicity, flexibility, and consolidation. It’s intended for everything from small scale departments to large-scale enterprise shared-storage deployments, high performance, and mission-critical applications.

//X10 - 55TB

//X20 - 275TB

//X50 - 650TB

//X70 - 1.3PB

//X90 - 3PB

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