APIM’s Success Function Factors

What’s the smartest APIM?

What needs to be met to manage the explosively increasing APIs and how best to use them?
Standardization is the first thing that should be considered so that it can be extended by linking different systems. Based on this, you should be able to use, deploy, and secure your APIs, as well as detailed analysis and scaling.
To reduce unnecessary development issues and save money and also time, these factors must be organically well-thought out design.


provides all the functions that API consumers want, such as "connection with existing systems, reusability, and ease of use".


Birth of WINECT


In order to achieve business results using the rapidly increasing number of open APIs, WINECT, which manages a vast amount of APIs, was born. In other words, the number of API usage is getting bigger and bigger and the need for management to manage it has increased that much. For this purpose, WINECT was born.


WINECT’s Introduction and Features


WINECT is meeting the needs of diverse customers by rapid innovation in a variety of environments with high agility. First, it is designed considering on-premises, cloud, and container environments, so it can support any environment and has excellent security. Second, since it is a platform introduction rather than a long-term simple development, customization is possible within 3 months, and development costs and time are reduced, and also a light and fast system can be built with a lightweight source.
As a platform that was developed through steady R&D for 5 years long before the MSA and API markets grew, WINECT has excellent technological prowess from successful domestic references and experience in introducing similar overseas solutions. Compared to subscription-based overseas solutions, it has a significant cost reduction effect and the ability to customize services according to the needs of various customers which is the biggest advantage compared to foreign products.
In addition, unlike overseas solutions suffer from CS difficulties after purchase, WINECT’s quick CS is in unique position. Besides, it is possible to respond to the recent government policies to encourage localization.


Optimized design

Designed for a variety of environments

Supports up to the current On-Premise environment/ Cloud/ Container environment

API Protection

Able to protect API from unauthorized access and threats

Suitable structure for MSA

Provides suitable structure for MSA to handle numerous API requests

Low-Cost, High Efficiency

Less resource

Low cost and less development period in the form of a platform

Light and fast system

Lightweight and fast system construction with a lightweight source of JSON compared to ESB Xml

Connection with various external system

Enable simple compatibility with various external systems by Modular Design
Used to efficient IT operation and business through API analysis indicators

Localization effect

Cost saving

Excellent price competitiveness compared to overseas solutions

Customizing Service

Provides customized services optimized for customer environment

Quick CS

Resolves operational grievances through quick trouble shooting

Prepared experience and R&D ability

3 years of R&D

Anticipated and developed market before MSA/API became an issue in Korea

Prepared domestic experience

Know-how in introducing self-developed products into Korea

Overseas solution introduction experience

Accumulated Know-how by introducing similar solutions overseas


WINECT's strengths and benefits

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