BIG DATA Market Prospects


A big data platform is needed to manage the rapidly growing unstructured data effectively.


Digital New Deal, ‘Data Dam’

Why need a high performance storage?

Digital New Deal’s 5 representative tasks
Task title Main Contents
Data name Open 142,000 public
Provide data vouchers to 8,400 companies
Establish 1,300 types of AI learning data(by 2025)
AI government Introduce mobile driver's license of general public next year
Introduce AI public assistant for civil service
Conversion of 5G wireless network in public sector and establishment of public cloud center
Smart medical infrastructure Establish 18 digital-based smart hospitals(by 2025)
Established 1,000 respiratory clinics
Promote non-face-to-face medical institutionalization
Digitalization of Public safety SOC Introduce digital management system for roads, railways, airports and rivers
Digital twin National 3D map, intelligent management system for underground space, construction of precise road map for autonomous vehicles

In large-capacity, high-load environments such as Data Dam, ultra high-performance/ultra high-capacity storage is absolutely necessary.


Features of NEXITA

Why should it be NEXITA ?

NEXITA is the optimal solution to utilize BIG DATA for business.


New Generation Storage

High-performance network with fast response speed, large-scale transmission capacity, low cost, and simple method!
High-capacity NVMe storage optimized for Big Data environments

  • Provides Near-Zero Latency with patented NOE(NVMe over Ethernet, NOE, SharedDAS™) technology
  • Equipped with high-performance NVMe SSD: Provides 10-50 times more performance than existing storage
  • Provides up to 720TB capacity based on 2U
  • Expandable in PB Unit with scale-out method expansion


Strength of NEXITA

  • High-performance Big Data platform equipped with SPLUNK
  • Know-how of consulting and safe system construction for power generation/electric power group corporates handling vast amounts of data
  • Customizable R&D experts
  • PR/Marketing/Sales 24hours/7days CS response
  • Partnerships that enable co-work such as ERP/IoT and etc.


Success Business Factors

Splunk More, Splunk Faster, Splunk Cheaper What We Have Seen With Clients


The cost for hardware required when constructing Splunk is generally 1-3 times the cost of Splunk License
If perform Data Ingest faster then can use an effective Splunk License, perform the search query more quickly, thereby maximizing customer satisfaction

Integration up to 93% of Hardware Infrastructure

About 100X + search Query time saving

About 33X faster data ingest

33% Splunk License cost savings

Our Business Goal

빅데이터 플랫폼을 성공시키는 3가지 요소 : HARDWARE / R&D / SALES

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