TETRA WING® has the vision to serve the enterprise adoption of Microservices. TETRA WING® is Integrated Management Solution is designed to facilitate enterprise customer’s API and Microservices transformation journey

TETRA WING® is a total solution for enterprise clients to enable the next-wave of Microservice Architecture. Microservices offers greater enterprise agility, making it easier to change and develop new applications more quickly than in a traditional monolithic development approach. Organizaitons need both microservices and APIs to effectively implement the next-generation architectures.

TETRA WING® is an Integrated Platform Solution that defines an application programming interface (API) management solution for all types of Enterprise organizations. TETRA WING® serves unprecedented scale and real-time customer experience on high-performance data exchange requirements from Enterprises and Governments. TETRA WING® leads enterprise IT organizaations to move forward to more efficent, agile development frameworks to much quickly deliver a rapid "Connected Experience."


TETRA WING® has a primary value of increased efficiency and that of reduced cost. The most direct way to measure and show productivity increase is through business process cycle time: how something that used to take days or weeks can now be completed in ten minutes with TETRA WING® integrated platform solution.

  • ① TETRA WING® is an integrated Hardware & Software platform for an Enterprise (or) Government Agency with enhanced security
  • ② TETRA WING® provides 24*7*365 Enterprise support
  • ③ TETRA WING® supports up to 1,000,000 Transactions Per Second ( TPS ) scalability
  • ④ TETRA WING® provides enterprise SLA (Service Level Agreement) to support the solution works all the time.
  • ⑤ TETRA WING® supports on-premise installation with Custom Enterprise Integrations.

TETRA WING® is specifically targeted for Enterprise, Government, and Small & Medium Business Segments. In the majority of the customer environments, TETRA WING® plays an important role by providing High-Performance SLA over Millions of Transactions Per Second scalability.

TETRA WING® value proposition is the integration capability with Enterprise Ecosystem and provides High Performance & Scalability. TETRA WING® can integrate and co-exist with existing all types of infrastructure including Enterprise Systems, Business Applications, and Internet of Things (IoT).

TETRA WING® Technology Stack

TETRA WING® is a solution platform in which hardware and software are all integrated. TETRA WING® Solution Platform is based on the next-generation container technology, and the complete technology stack is deployed as containers.

TETRA WING® is operated based on container technology, and the container technology in production operates applications. Container technology provides a set of operational requirements: security, compliance, performance, resource management, scalability, availability, data persistence, networking, and monitoring.

TETRA WING® Integrated Solution is an integrated Hardware & Software solution Platform is based on next-generation container technology landscape and the complete technology stack is deployed as containers. TETRA WING® runs on container technology and with container technology running an application in production comes with an established set of operational requirements: security, compliance, performance, resource management, scalability, availability, data persistence, networking, and monitoring.

Containerized applications are not different. They do, however, carry an additional requirement: orchestration. At significant risk and expense, build a custom stack on physical hardware to try to fulfill your containerized apps’ requirements, or use proven, cost-effective, low-risk virtualization solutions as the underlying infrastructure for containers and their orchestration system. Containers, meanwhile, empower you to make developers more agile, applications more portable, and deployments more automatable. The combination of the two streamlines the development, deployment, and management of enterprise applications.


TETRA WING® is an integrated Hardware and Software solution with API Gateway capabilities deployed with automation. TETRA WING® Hardware Layer supports x86 Hardware like DELL, IBM, SUN, HP, NEC, and all commodity hardware OEMs. TETRA WING® Network integration layer integrates all available network interfaces like CISCO, JUNIPER, and all commodities network OEMs.


TETRA WING® requires LINUX (or) Windows Operating system like UBUNTU, FEDORA, REDHAT, CENTOS, and Windows with Linux BSD support all commodity LINUX based Operating System OEMs.


TETRA WING® runs the integral product suite as containers. TETRA WING® container orchestration is Docker Swarm or Kubernetes. Kubernetes (k8s) is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of TETRA WING® containerized applications.


TETRA WING® integrated API Gateway product suite comprises of TETRA WING® API Gateway Proxy, TETRA WING® Supervision, TETRA WING® Insights and all the product suite deployed as containers.


TETRA WING® integrated API Gateway TELEMETRY & ANALYTICS suite comprises of Time Series Database & Real-Time Visualization. Time Series Database will store the real-time traffic events from TETRA WING® proxy and supervision. Real-Time Visualization will visualize the graphs comprises of real time-data & statistics of the real-time traffic.


TETRA WING® integrated API Gateway SECURITY & MONITORING suite provides security for container orchestration layer and provides real-time monitoring for the Hardware layer and Monitoring layer will generate the Alarms for the events

TETRA WING® Deployment Options

TETRA WING® Integrated Solution can be deployed in Enterprises (or) Government Agencies as below listed options.

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Load Balancer

TETRA WING® Integrated solution is a load balancer that can scale up to 1,000,000 ( 1 Million ) TPS. TETRA WING® provides multiple ways of load balancing requests to multiple backend services: a straightforward DNS-based method, and a more dynamic ring-balancer that also allows for the service registry without needing a DNS server.


When receiving a request, TETRA WING® will inspect it and try to route it to the correct API (or) Microservice. In order to do so, it supports different routing mechanisms depending on your needs.

API Gateway

TETRA WING® is just that — a gateway for protecting APIs. Any time you create an API and make it publicly available. TETRA WING® resolves the problems by implementing industry standard encryption and authentications giving API developers a way to let people in and direct them to the right place.

Software Defined Firewall

To integrate smoothly into today’s diverse enterprise environments, TETRA WING® software defined firewall feature enables a highly dynamic and flexible application programming interface (API) allowing for comprehensive and centralized management of network security infrastructure.

Perimeter Protection Gateway

TETRA WING® has capability to proxy and route raw TCP(Transmission Control Protocol) streams and deploy a service mesh sidecar pattern with mutual TLS between the nodes.

High Performance CACHE

TETRA WING® uses an external data store to store its configuration such as registered APIs, Consumers and Plugins. Plugins themselves can store every bit of information they need to be persisted, for example rate-limiting data or Consumer credentials.

High Availability Layer

TETRA WING® very fast with sub-millisecond latency, runs on any infrastructure and is built on top of reliable technologies which provides High Availability by default. It has a rich plug-in ecosystem that allows it to offer many capabilities including proxy caching, rate limiting, access control and more.

TETRA WING® supports load-balancing in the DNS method, and ring balancer provides both Round Robin-based balancing and hash-based balancing. TETRA WING® also provides an active Health Check function.

TETRA WING® Operational Dashboard

TETRA WING® Integrated Solution is having web-based Operational Dashboard for easy maintaining, monitoring, analyzing and visualizing the solution in all areas of the solution. With the dashboard availability, anyone can navigate easily the respective sections of TETRA WING® as mentioned below.


TETRA WING® Supervision

All the core entities such as Services, Routes, API, Consumers, Plugins, Upstreams, Credentials, and Add/Remove Functions are cached in memory by TETRA WING®.


TETRA WING® Insights

TETRA WING® Integrated Solution Insights feature allows users to query, visualize, alert on, and understand metrics no matter where they are stored.


TETRA WING® Container Orchestrator

TETRA WING® Integrated Solution Orchestrator tool gives a detailed overview of Docker environments and allows to manage containers, images, networks, and volumes.


TETRA WING® Security & Surveillance

TETRA WING® Security & Surveillance is made easy with all types of security services, server, and alert in real time to correct technicians so that they can be resolved as quickly as possible.

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